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Garm from Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, the monstrous hound Garm was the servant of the goddess Hel and guarded the doorway to Helheim, the realm of the lifeless. Garm had 4 eyes and a chest drenched with blood. The monster hound lived within the Gnipa cave, close to the doorway to Helheim. Anyone who had given bread to the poor in life might appease Garm’s anger with a particular deal with referred to as Hel cake.

On the day of Ragnarok, the final battle, it was believed that Garm would be a part of the giants of their fight towards the gods. In one model of the story, Tyear, the god of conflict, killed the hound however died from the injuries that Garm had inflicted.

Garm is usually equated with the monstrous wolf and savage enemy of the gods Fenrir. In most variations of the story of Ragnarok, it's Fenrir, not Garm, who slays and is slain by Tyear.