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Geb - Facts and Information about Egyptian Goddess

Geb is the traditional Egyptian earth god. He was the son of the air god Shu and the goddess Tefnut.
Geb was described as mendacity beneath the toes of his father whereas perpetually lifting his sister, the sky goddess, Nut, above his head. Artistic representations normally present Geb on this place with an erect phallus, signaling the fertility of the earth. He was the third mythic king of Egypt, after the solar god, Re, and the god of the air, Shu.

The physique of Geb was the earth itself. Crops grew on his again or from his ribs, and the our bodies of the deceased entered Geb. As the earth, and subsequently one who nourished the residing, together with deities, Geb was known as the ka, that means “soul,” or “vital force,” of the opposite gods.

From the union of Geb and Nut got here the gods Osiris and Seth and their sister-consorts, Isis and Nephthys. Geb appointed Osiris ruler of Egypt, which, after Osiris’s demise, led Seth to battle Osiris’s son Horus for the crown.

According to a text referred to as the Memphite Theology (c. 800–700 B.C.E.), Geb divided the nation into Upper and Lower Egypt and granted Lower Egypt, or the delta, to Horus and the remainder to Seth. He rapidly modified his thoughts and awarded all the land to Horus.

In the story The Contendings of Horus and Seth, Geb acted as arbitrator between the 2 rivals. He performed the identical function with the human kingship, setting the brand new royal successor within the place of the late king. The kingship is typically referred to as “the throne of Geb.”
In some Greco-Roman texts, Geb’s attributes are assigned to the creator god, Khnum.