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Ghosts: A Sampling of Stories

Storytellers are aware of conventional ghost tales and hauntings that happen in American and English places. There are additionally many examples from all over the world. Here are just a few.


The Draugen is the ghost of a useless fisherman who didn't obtain a Christian burial. He sails in a half-boat with shredded sails. Anyone who sees him suffers demise by drowning.

Czech Republic

Hans Hagen is the ghost of a German soldier or secret service agent from World War II. He is alleged to hang-out the so-called Amerika quarry and the encompassing caves close to Prague. He murders or imprisons intruders by inflicting elements of the caves to collapse.
There can also be mentioned to be a stalactite that may be struck like a bell. Anyone silly sufficient to hit it and say, “Hagen, take me!” will die inside a year.

Judeo-Christian Tradition

The Book of Enoch, which was written between the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, describes evil spirits that wander the world endlessly craving for food and drink, although they haven't any mouths. They search to possess the spirits and our bodies of weak-willed women and men.


In Hindu perception, pisachas, also called vetala, are hostile spirits of the useless whose youngsters didn't carry out the required funerary rites of their reminiscence. These spirits hang-out cemeteries and ruins, and so they can drive people mad, kill youngsters, and trigger miscarriages.


Mae Nak was a ravishing younger lady who married a person named Tid Mak. While she was pregnant with their first youngster, Tid Mak was known as to be a part of the military in northern Thailand. When he returned, Tid Mak discovered his household ready for him. When he embraced his spouse, Tid Mak was shocked at how chilly Mae Nak’s physique felt, however he thought nothing of it.

When the household sat down to dinner, a sudden gust of chilly wind made Tid Mak drop his spoon. Mae Nak lengthened her hand to catch it. Tid Mak requested her about this motion, and she or he cried out and informed him that she had died. Only then did Tid Mak notice that his spouse and youngster have been ghosts.


A pontianak is the spirit of a girl who died in childbirth and comes again to search revenge towards the residing. She generally seems within the kind of a ravishing lady, but in addition materializes as a head and neck with dangling intestines. The pontianak takes this hideous form when she needs to feed and kill.
The solely method to cease the pontianak is to plunge a nail into the again of her neck. This traps her in human kind so she might be killed.


There are many Japanese ghost tales. One instance is the story of Okiku, who labored as a maid on the house of the samurai Tessan Aoyama. One day whereas cleansing a group of ten treasured ceramic plates, Okiku by accident broke one of them. The outraged Tessan Aoyama killed Okiku and threw her corpse into an previous effectively.
Every evening afterward, Okiku’s ghost rose from the effectively, counted slowly to 9, and broke into heartrending sobs, tormenting the samurai. Finally, vengeance was wrought when Tessan Aoyama went insane.

In an alternate model, the samurai wished Okiku to change into his mistress and falsely accused her of breaking a plate in order that he might provide forgiveness in alternate for her love. When she refused, he killed her.

Native American

In Blackfoot mythology, the stau-au are the ghosts of depraved people. Usually, the deceased dwell in a sure vary of hills, however malignant spirits loiter close to encampments. They trigger hurt to the residing, particularly after sundown.
This sampling of ghost tales reflects the universality of the style and the wealthy worldwide sources accessible to the storyteller.