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Our Giveaways Now Upgraded to 10,000 Naira

As our tradition here at, everyday one lucky site user win free giveaways.

Due to online raucous and spams, we have stopped to allow comments for the mean time. And as result, we don’t want that to stop giving out FREE GIVEAWAYS as always.

Without sign up or involvement of startup money, all our winners as redeemed their prize ever since.

Your questions might be:

  • What now happen when comments is locked?
  • How are we going to enter contest and win?
  • How are we going to pick winners?
  • And the likes.


With the introduction of this new FREE CODE HUNT, we increase our payouts to #10,000 a day and just a winner.

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FREE CODE HUNT is a new way to fine tune our method of giveaway, with only a WINNER per day taking home the 10,000 Naira cash prize instead of our previous 5 people winning 1,000 Naira.

How it goes?

A special 6-digits CODE is placed in an article post in a specific category which neededto be found by the first lucky winner.

Now how to get your prize?
After getting the 6-digits CODE, forward the the code to our mail or inbox on our Facebook Page

Here are tips on how to spot and bag one:

  • The 6-digits CODE are announced in a post which will be found in the homepage pinned.
  • Keep in mind that, the first person that find it and get across to us via the media above is qualified for the prize.
  • Note that you usage of search box is not advisable because you don’t know the manner of the codes.
  • In addition, if ever you block ads with your browser it is very sure you can’t find the code because of it is placed.
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Good luck.

Stay tuned for the next entry soon.