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God Atum Egyptian Mythology: Creator of All Things

The Egyptian god Atum , whose title
means “completed one,” was the creator of every part, together with himself. He was the chief deity of the traditional Egyptian metropolis Heliopolis.

Atum created the god Shu and the goddess Tefnut, from whom rose Geb (earth) and Nut (sky). Shu and Tefnut had been misplaced for a time within the primordial waters (Nun). When they returned to Atum, the god wept tears of pleasure, from which sprang humankind.

Artists sometimes characterize Atum as a king, sporting the double crown of Egypt and a false beard (see illustration on web page 42). He is also called “lord of the two lands,” a reference to Upper and Lower Egypt. At varied factors in Egyptian historical past, completely different animals had been related to Atum, together with apes, scarabs, ichneumon (a sort of mongoose), fish, and nonvenomous snakes.

Atum has been mixed with a quantity of gods, significantly the solar god Re. These two are generally encountered as a single god,
known as Re-Atum. At different occasions, Atum is related specifically with the setting solar, counterbalancing Re because the rising solar.