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God Heqat (Hekat/Heket): Egyptian Mythology

Heqat (Hekat/Heket) was one in every of many Egyptian deities of fertility and childbirth. She appeared as a frog or a frog-headed girl.

Some texts communicate not specifically of Heqat however of frog goddesses. The prodigious fertility of frogs, and their emergence from the waters of the Nile, fostered their use as an emblem for the idea of “repeating life.” Amulets and different representations of frogs typically, although not all the time, signify this goddess.

Heqat was related to the final phases of the flooding of the Nile and, over time, with the final phases of childbirth. Her partner was the ram-headed creator god, Khnum. In some tales, she helped Khnum to create a person and the person’s soul (ka) on a potter’s wheel.

Heqat appeared on sure magical objects, referred to as wands or knives, which had been utilized in rituals to assist childbirth. Later, when the legend of Osiris and Isis developed, it was Heqat who breathed life into the physique of their son Horus.