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God Nergal of Sumerian and Babylonian Mythology

The Babylonian god Nergal was identified with the netherworld and usually known as the husband of Ereshkigal, the queen of the underworld. In some texts, he was related to fevers, plagues, and forest fires.

In the Babylonian fable Nergal and Ereshkigal, Nergal turned king of the netherworld. The poem opens with a banquet celebration.

Namtar, minister to Ereshkigal, arrived on the celestial court docket requesting that Ereshkigal be despatched her share of the food. He was cordially greeted by all of the gods, aside from Nergal.

Outraged that her messenger had obtained such therapy, Ereshkigal threatened to kill Nergal. Nergal, in flip, determined to go to the netherworld. He was protected by seven deities supplied to him by his father, Ea. Ea warned his son to flip down any provides of hospitality tendered upon his arrival within the netherworld, and not to turn into ####ually aroused when he noticed Ereshkigal disrobe for her bathtub.

Nergal descended into the netherworld, the place he refused all provides of hospitality. But he couldn't resist Ereshkigal. The gods turned lovers. Their lovemaking continued for six days. On the seventh day, Nergal requested to go away the netherworld, however Ereshkigal refused. He then tricked the gatekeeper, fled from the underworld, and ascended again to heaven.

Concerned that Ereshkigal would pursue Nergal, Ea disguised his son in order that he appeared lame and deformed. When Ereshkigal found her lover had fled, she was crushed.

Ereshkigal despatched Namtar again to heaven with a message in two components. First, since Ereshkigal had by no means earlier than had a lover, she needed Nergal to be her husband. Second, now that she had been defiled, she was unable to render judgments for the nice gods. She threatened to open up the gates of the netherworld and enable the useless to stand up and devour the dwelling.

Nergal returned to the netherworld and embraced Ereshkigal, and the 2 made love for seven full days and nights. From that point ahead, Nergal was king of the netherworld.