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Goddess Ninhursanga of Sumerian Mythology

Ninhursanga , whose identify means “lady of the mountain,” was a Sumerian mom goddess. Her temple, the E-mah, was placed within the Mesopotamian metropolis of Adab.

The Sumerian fantasy Enki and Ninhursanga is about within the legendary sacred land referred to as Dilmun, prior to the approaching of human civilization. The land is described as virginal and pristine, a spot with no illness, dying, or outdated age.

Enki, god of the underground freshwater ocean, mated with the mom goddess Ninhursanga and impregnated her. After 9 days, the equal of 9 months for people, Ninhursanga gave start to a daughter, Ninsar.

Enki spied on his daughter, embraced her, after which raped her. Ninsar gave start to one other goddess, Ninkura. Upon seeing Ninkura, Enki impregnated her as nicely, producing the spider goddess, Uttu, a goddess of weaving. Ninhursanga warned Uttu to beware of Enki’s advances, however Enki disguised himself as a gardener. Offering presents of greens and fine fruits, Enki tricked Uttu into permitting him to enter her home. Then Enki seduced her.

When Enki impregnated Uttu, she cried out in ache to Ninhursanga, who eliminated Enki’s semen. From Enki’s seed, eight vegetation grew, which the voracious Enki devoured. Ninhursanga cursed Enki, saying that she would by no means once more look upon him favorably.

At this level, the text turns into damaged and difficult to perceive. It seems that Enki turned in poor health, and a fox appeared, saying that if Enki rewarded him he would result in reconciliation with the goddess. Enki agreed, promising to make the fox famend.

Later, when Ninhursanga returned, she requested the sick Enki which elements of his physique harm. Enki named eight elements of his physique. The goddess created a divinity from every half.

Enki then introduced the future of his 4 offspring: One would turn out to be grasp of vegetation; one other would turn out to be a goddess of brewing who would fill the hearts of people with pleasure; one other can be mistress of the month; and the final would turn out to be the grasp of the land of Dilmun. He finally declared that the 2 divinities not assigned administration duties, and whose names will not be recorded, ought to marry.