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Goddess Uzume In Shinto Mythology

Uzume (Usume, Ame-no-uzume ) is the “whirling,” dancing Shinto goddess of the daybreak. She is called the goddess of the daybreak and laughter, and her best-known story within the Shinto creation fable includes each.

When Amaterasu hid herself away in a cave after the earth was created, the world was coated in dark- ness and chilly. Uzume got here and danced outside of the cave. As Uzume continued to dance, she threw off all her garments. The different gods laughed and applauded. Finally Amaterasu got here out to see what was occurring. Her return introduced the sunshine again to the darkish earth, and life returned.

Later, when Amaterasu despatched her grandson Ninigino-Mikoto to rule the earth, the guardian of Ama- no-Uki-Hashi, the Floating Bridge, blocked his path. Uzume danced as soon as extra, distracting the god along with her actions. Sarutahiko Ohkami, the guardian of the Floating Bridge, was so impressed by her dances that he requested her to marry him. She did, and lived with him on the bridge, which connects heaven and earth.

Uzume’s dances, known as ame-no-uzume, are included in many folks rites. The kagura, for instance, are dances to wake the useless. Other dances have a good time the planting of seeds and the seasons.