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Gray four-eyed opossum facts


Didelphis opossum (Linnaeus, 1758), Paramaribo, Surinam.


French: Opossum á quatre yeux; German: Vieraugenbeutel- ratte; Spanish: Tlacuache cuatro ojos, zorro cuatro ojos, comadreja cuatro ojos.


Length 8-13 in (20-33 cm); weight 7-24.7 oz (200-700 g). This comparatively giant opossum has dense and comparatively brief hair that varies from pale grey to darkish grey dorsally and yellowish white ventrally. The cheeks and chin are additionally yellowish white, as are two conspicuous spots simply above the eyes, which give this species its widespread title. The ears are giant and bare, blackish with pink bases. There is a marsupial pouch that stains orange if the feminine has had younger. The tail in most people is bicolored with the bottom darkish and the ultimate third to half white, bare, and scaly besides the basal 0.Eight in (2 cm), that are furred.


From japanese and southern Mexico south by way of Central America and into South America to Bolivia, Paraguay, northeastern Argentina, and southeastern Brazil.


Inhabits dense tropical moist forests, secondary areas, orchards, and different agricultural and modified ecosystems. It has been recorded from sea degree up to about 5,400 ft (1,650 m). It is most plentiful close to streams, rivers, and different water our bodies.


When threatened, it hisses and gasps, snapping on the intruder. This is a largely nocturnal species however generally could also be lively by day. Although more often than not it stays on the bottom, it could additionally climb into bushes. Like different didelphids, grey foureyed opossums are solitary. When it's asleep, it rolls right into a ball and the eyes are usually not seen, however the vivid spots above the eyes give the looks of an awake and alert opossum.


The four-eyed opossum is omnivorous. It feeds on many species of tropical and launched fruits, corn, palm fruits, flower nectar, frogs, birds, rodents, and different small vertebrates, snails, bugs, crustaceans, and carrion. Insects are most ceaselessly eaten within the dry season. They have a tendency to take fruits which are bigger than 2 in (5 cm) in diameter and which are fleshy, juicy, with excessive contents of sugars or lipids, and low ranges of nitrogen.


Polygamous. Breeds all year long or seasonally, relying on the area. Females have seven mammae. Although there could also be extra infants born than this quantity, a most of seven will be discovered within the pouch. Females could have multiple start per year. They assemble a nest of litter and different vegetation in tree limbs, in hollows in standing or fallen bushes, or in dens underground. The nest is spherical and about 11.Eight in (30 cm) in diameter. Litters of 1 to seven with a mean of about 5 are reported. Females are ####ually receptive when they're seven months outdated. Maximum longevity is about 2.5 years within the wild and three.5 years in captivity.


This is usually an plentiful species that may reside in each pristine and disturbed situations. It may also reside in homes in rural areas. The IUCN has not listed it, and it doesn't appear to be threatened.


Sometimes thought-about a nuisance as a result of it could raid henhouses. This species and different didelphids are reservoirs of Trypanosoma cruzi, the protozoan that causes Chagas’ illness.