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Gucumatz Mythology: GuGumatz, The Plumed Serpent

Gucumatz (GuGumatz) was the Quiché Maya hero able to altering himself into an eagle, serpent, or different animal. He is comparable to Quetzalcoatl (Toltec and Aztec) and Kukulcan (Yucatán Maya), and the Quiché might have borrowed him from a kind of cultures.

According to one interpretation of the PoPul Vuh, the “council book” of the Quiché Maya, on the begin- ning of time there was simply the sky and sea. Around and above all of it had been the creator gods Gucumatz and Tepeu. They talked in regards to the world and realized they'd the facility to deliver gentle and create land, which they did with the assistance of Hurakan, the lightning and thunder god. They made animals, too, to roam the forests and mountains; birds to fly above the land; and fish and serpents to swim the waters. The world they created was so magnificent that the gods determined they wished somebody to worship them. Because the animals couldn't communicate, they may not specific their gratitude for the world the gods had created.

So the gods made people. First the people had been created from mud, which didn't maintain its form and dissolved when moist. Then, with the assistance of two older gods, they made people out of wooden. Although they held their form, these people had brains too stiff to be thankful for what the gods had carried out. In different phrases, they may not worship the gods in the best way the gods wished to be worshipped. The gods destroyed these picket people by breaking them up, throwing them away, and burning them. Some escaped, nonetheless, and have become monkeys.

Finally, Gucumatz, Tepeu, and Hurakan made people from corn. They made 4 sensible and powerful males—Balam-Quitzé (Smiling Jaguar), Balam-Agag (Nighttime Jaguar), Mahucutan (Famous Name), and Iqui-Balam (Moon Jaguar)—who praised the gods for the world they'd created. But these 4 had been so sensible that the gods thought they may not proceed to be appreciative. Hurakan clouded the lads’s eyes so they may not clearly see into issues and, thus, made them not fairly as sensible. Then the gods gave them sleep and ladies with whom they may create youngsters and populate the Earth.