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Habaek and Haemosu: Korean Water Deity Mythology

In Korean mythology, Habaek was a water deity who lived within the Yalu River, and Haemosu was the solar deity who traveled across the sky in Oryonggeo, the five-dragon chariot. These deities are mentioned to be the ancestors of a Korean royal household.

Habaek had three daughters, Yuhwa, Hweonhwa, and Wuihwa. Yuhwa, the eldest, was carried off by Haemosu in Oryonggeo to be his bride. It isn't recorded whether or not or not Yuhwa had any say within the matter.

Yuhwa’s father was angered that Haemosu had not bothered to honor him with both an official provide of marriage or a correct marriage ceremony ceremony. Habaek despatched a message to Haemosu demanding that the deity return to settle issues.

Haemosu returned to Habaek’s palace, the place the 2 deities examined one another in a shape-shifting duel. Habaek turned himself right into a carp, however Haemosu rapidly was an otter and caught him. Then Habaek turned into a deer, however Haemosu turned a wolf and chased him. Habaek unexpectedly was a quail and took flight, however Haemosu turned into a falcon and caught him as soon as once more.

This time, Habaek gave up and acknowledged Haemosu’s supremacy over air, land, and sea. Haemosu in flip agreed to an official bridal ceremony, and Habaek officially despatched Yuhwa off to stay within the sky with Haemosu.

Yuhwa, nevertheless, determined she didn't want to go. Before Haemosu’s chariot might depart the water, she leapt from it and returned to her father. After all his work, Habaek was livid. He ordered that Yuhwa’s lips be stretched out, which presumably modified her right into a fish, and she was placed in a stream.

Yuhwa was ultimately caught in a fisherman’s internet and taken to the courtroom of the king. There, her lips had been lower thrice, breaking her father’s spell, and she was in a position to communicate once more.While Yuhwa was residing within the royal family, Haemosu got here to her within the type of a sunbeam and impregnated her. Their baby is claimed to have been Dongmyeongseong, or Chumong, a historic figure who lived on the flip of the first century C.E.He went on to discovered Goguryeo, one of many Three Kingdoms of Korea.