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Hannahanna: Hittite Mother of Gods Mythology

Hannahanna is the Hittite mom of the gods.
This temperamental matriarch helped to settle home points. She mended a rift between the storm god, Teshub, and his son, Telepinu. When the adolescent stormed off in a fit of rage, Teshub complained to Hannahanna. The goddess despatched Teshub to search forhis son. When the daddy was unsuccessful, Hannahanna directed one of her bees to sting Telepinu awake in order that he would return dwelling.

Hannahanna additionally had her personal fit of anger and disappeared for a time. While she was gone, cattle and sheep bore no younger, and each human and animal moms ignored their youngsters. It was solely when Hannahanna’s anger was despatched to the so-called Dark Earth that she returned in pleasure and all was regular once more.
Hannahanna additionally made certain that marital affairs ran easily. When the daughter of the ocean god married Telepinu, it was Hannahanna who instructed Teshub to pay the ocean god the bride value, making the wedding official.