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Hase-hime: Heroine of Japanese Legend

Hase-hime , the heroine of a Japanese legend a couple of modest younger woman, demonstrating how purity and devotion to one’s true household are rewarded.

Hase-Hime was born to Prince Toyonari and his spouse after they prayed to Kannon. Hase-Hime’s start mom died when she was 5 and he or she was raised by a merciless stepmother. Nevertheless, she remained a loyal youngster, and have become a wonderful musician. When she was 12, she was summoned to the imperial palace to play her koto, or harp, for the emperor. Her stepmother was jealous when the woman did effectively on the efficiency and tried to poison Hase-Hime however as an alternative killed her personal toddler son.

When Hase-Hime was 13, horrible floods ravaged the countryside. The emperor requested if she might write a poem to cease the rains. Her poem succeeded and the stepmother grew much more offended. Finally, she ordered a servant to take the woman to the mountains and kill her. Instead, the servant had Hase-Hime cover in a home there and instructed the stepmother she was useless.

When Hase-Hime’s father was instructed by his spouse that his daughter had run away, he searched within the mountains. Eventually he heard a well-known voice reciting the Buddhist scriptures. Father and daughter have been reunited. The stepmother fled, and Hase-Hime finally married a younger man who inherited her father’s riches.