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Heart in the Egg Folklore

In the world folklore story kind “heart in the egg,” the villain of the story, an ogre, a sorcerer, a satan, or another supernatural being, couldn't be killed as a result of he saved his coronary heart, or his life pressure, hidden other than his physique. The solely means to slay the villain was to find and destroy his coronary heart.

There are many variations of this story kind. The fundamental story begins with somebody, normally a princess, or one thing, equivalent to a magical object, that have to be rescued or recovered from the villain. In the case of the princess, the villain could also be holding her both as a prize or as a potential bride.

The hero could also be a prince or a commoner. He could also be wandering misplaced in the forest and stumble across the villain’s house, or he could also be intentionally questing for the princess. Along the means, the hero helps an animal, or three animals, who guarantees to assist him when he most wants such assist.

The hero might attempt to fail to kill the villain, or be warned in time not to attempt. The princess, or the villain’s spouse or lover, tells the hero the place the coronary heart could also be discovered and the way the villain could be slain. There are normally three to 4 ranges of safety for the coronary heart. For instance, the coronary heart could also be in an egg in a hen in a fish in a fox.
The hero calls upon his animal helper or helpers. If there's one helper, the animal helps the hero destroy the layers defending the coronary heart. If there are three helpers, then every in flip destroys one stage till the egg is revealed. The hero destroys the egg, and the villain dies.

Examples of this story kind could be discovered across Europe and the Near East, in addition to in North America and the Caribbean. The Russian composer Igor Stravinsky used this story kind in his ballet The Firebird (1910). The ballet follows the fundamental story of the captive princess, the useful animal, the deathless villain, and the hidden soul that the hero destroys.