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Hera (Juno) in Greco-Roman Mythology

In Greek mythology, Hperiod , who was referred to as
Juno by the Romans, was the queen of the Olympian gods, spouse to Zeus, and the revered goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Hera’s mother and father, Cronos and Rhea, had been Titans, the race of supreme rulers who had been ultimately overthrown by Zeus. Hera, alongside together with her siblings, was swallowed at delivery by her father. Hera remained alive inside Cronos till she was rescued by Zeus, at which level she aided him in destroying the Titans and claiming Mount Olympus.

Hera is greatest often called a cuckolded spouse in spite of being a strong goddess in her personal proper. She flew into rages and took out her anger and wounded emotions on the unlucky objects of Zeus’s affection, in addition to on any youngsters that got here of his philandering.

Zeus fell in love with the maiden Io, and Hera flew right into a jealous rage. To defend Io from Hera’s wrath, Zeus turned Io right into a heifer. Hera despatched Argus, a hundred-eyed large, to watch over Io. Zeus despatched Hermes to rescue Io. The hero tricked the large into falling asleep and killed him, and Hera took Argus’s eyes and put them into the tail of a peacock.

In one other delusion, Hera reworked the nymph Callisto right into a bear that was then almost slain by her personal son. Hera additionally despatched serpents to kill Zeus’s illegitimate son Heracles (Hercules). Although the toddler survived the assault, she continued to plague his life with hardships.
Hera performed a optimistic position in the story of Jason. She examined him by pretending to be an previous girl who wanted assist crossing a river. When Jason carried her over, she revealed who she was. Hera assisted Jason in his quest to find the legendary Golden Fleece so he might declare his rightful place as ruler of Iolcus from his usurping uncle, who had refused to honor Hera.

Hera was the mom of Hephaestus, god of the forge; Hebe, goddess of youth and health; and Ares, god of warfare. She is mostly portrayed