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Hidesato or Tawara Tado & Tale of His Conquest

Hidesato was legendary Japanese hero who killed many monsters in battle. He is also called Lord Bag of Rice, or Tawara-Toda.

Hidesato’s biggest combat got here at Lake Biwa, the place he encountered a big serpent or dragon. The dragon lay sleeping across the trail, blocking Hidesato’s approach. Hidesato climbed up one aspect and down the opposite, not bothering to pause till he heard a voice name to him. When he turned, the dragon was gone. Instead, he noticed a wierd man who wore a dragon crown over his purple hair.

“I am the dragon king,” mentioned the person, who then requested Hidesato to assist him. He knew that Hidesato was very courageous, since not like everybody else who had come close to he didn't run away on the sight of the king’s dragon kind.

A large centipede lived close by inside Mount Mikami. It killed the king’s topics day-after-day. No one was secure.

Hidesato went with the king to his stunning, luxurious palace, which was beneath the lake. He loved a beautiful meal and commenced to go to sleep. Suddenly, he was woken by a peal of loud thunder. “Here,” cried the dragon king. Hidesato ran to a close-by window and noticed a mas- sive centipede. The creature was so giant it coated close by Mount Mikami. Its horrible head glowed with its ugliness.

Hidesato steadied his bow and arrow and took goal on the monster. The arrow flew by the air, an ideal shot. But it bounced off the centipede’s head harmlessly.

So did a second arrow. The hero was confounded. Never earlier than had his arrows failed. Then he remembered that human saliva might kill monsters. And so he licked his final arrow, and despatched it into the beast.
The centipede hissed and collapsed in dying. Lightning flashed. A storm raged all evening, however within the morning, the monster was gone.
Hidesato was honored with days of events. The dragon king gave him a bag of rice, a pot, a roll of silk, and two bells. The bag of rice by no means ran out. Neither did the silk, which may very well be made into many garments. The pot might cook dinner food with out being placed on a fireplace.

After his victory, the hero was given a brand new identify, Tawara Toda, which suggests (roughly) “lord of the endless bag of rice.”
Some students consider that Hidesato could also be based mostly on a historic Japanese determine.