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Hi’iaka: Hawaiian Goddess

Hi’iaka is a Hawaiian goddess. She was the favourite of her sister Pele, the goddess of fire, the household healer, and the individual probably to have the ability to cause with Pele.

Hi’iaka’s full identify is Hi’iaka-i-ka-poli-’oPele , which implies “Hi’iaka in the bosom of Pele.” Her identify refers to the truth that she was given to Pele to increase. Some accounts say Hi’iaka was born as an egg that Pele actually tucked into her bosom till it hatched, producing an attractive lady.

Hi’iaka and Pele had a number of sisters, all of whom shared the identify Hi’iaka adopted by a unique description. The different sisters at all times used their full names except grouped collectively, as in “the Hi’iaka sisters.” Only Hi’iaka-i-kapoli-’o-Pele individually shortened her identify to Hi’iaka.

Hi’iaka lived together with her sisters and brothers within the crater of the Kilauea volcano. Hi’iaka grew to become extra vital after Pele and their household settled in Kilauea caldera. She typically tried to soften Pele’s anger, often with restricted success.

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There are also a couple of legends by which Hi’iaka takes the central function. Hi’iaka volunteered when Pele needed somebody to carry Lohiau, a younger, good-looking chief of Kauai, to her dwelling in Kilauea to be Pele’s lover or husband. Before she left on her journey, Hi’iaka made Pele swear that she would shield her sacred grove and its inhabitants.

The journey to Kauai and again proved fairly perilous. Hi’iaka had to overcome many monsters, demons, ghosts, and different risks each on land and at sea alongside the way in which. But she persevered. She let nothing cease her, not even Lohiau’s dying—when she discovered him useless she resurrected him. She introduced Lohiau again to Pele, resisting his amorous advances alongside the way in which. When Hi’iaka and Lohiau finally returned to Kilauea, they discovered that Pele, indignant over their sluggish return, had killed a number of of the ladies she had promised Hi’iaka that she would shield.

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One of the ladies destroyed by Pele was Hi’iaka’s good friend Hopoe, the dancer who first taught Hi’iaka the hula. Pele had despatched lava flows to destroy components of Puna, together with the place Hopoe was staying. Pele turned Hopoe right into a stone that also “danced,” shifting simply with the wind and human contact. The magic Pele used prevented Hi’iaka from resurrecting her good friend. The stone stayed the place it was, shifting and swaying, till ultimately an earthquake knocked it over.

When Hi’iaka found her sister’s betrayal, she accepted Lohiau’s embraces. Pele noticed this and killed Lohiau. Hi’iaka resurrected him and as lots of the useless ladies as she may save.
In the tip, Hi’iaka married Lohiau. Some say she lived with him on Kauai till he died, shunning her sister all of the whereas as a result of she couldn’t forgive Pele for killing Lohiau and her pals.