How to Write Catchy Application Letter

How to Write an Application Letter

You may ask, “how to write an application letter for job, placement, services, course and so on”. And we recommend you to read this article on writing an application letter very well.

To write an application letter is in one way or the other very demanding as it requires a bit of technicalities and effective representation and presentation.

In the same vein, we have come this far to unleash the basics of writing an application letter generally for any purpose.

If you look carefully, this write up on how to write an application letter is very well stated that we try as much as possible to be economical enough in the course of our writing. We states each point clearly and categorises all into parts for better understanding.

However, this post shall highlight:

  • What is an application letter?
  • How to write an application letter for any purpose
  • Guidelines for writing an application letter
  • Things to note before, during and after writing an application letter

What is Application letter?

An application letter is a letter one writes when applying for a job, placement, course, service etc.

An application letter also features letter or written communication that serves to introduce an accompanying document; especially, a letter that introduces a résumé or curriculum vitae.

Application Letter writing

Writing an application letter, the guidelines

In order to write a convincing and perfect application letter, there are few things one need to strongly pay attention to ranging reviewing the application advert to post writing follow up.

Take your time reading the below outlined points and guides to scale through a breathtaking application letter writing.

Before writing an application letter

Below are things you must pay attention to before writing an application letter.

  1. Validity of the advert: Need not to prioritize but very paramount. A lot of individuals wrote application letter in vain because of the invalid advert. Maybe it was not written on time or somewhat. Make sure the advert and placement is valid for you and there is a realtime space worth writing for. Consider the time laps and the authenticity of the advert or source of the job, service, course etc
  2. Understand the ad: One other thing you must pay attention to before writing an application letter is to understand vividly the content and context of the advert. Know the prerequisites of the ad and quietly decode every damn message and requirements of the said advert.
  3. Match your qualification: Next thing to do before writing an application letter is to crosscheck what is expected to be qualified for the placement with what you have at hand. Carefully match your your qualification with what the advert, job, placement, service, etc demanded from any candidate.
  4. Length: Now you are about to write an application letter, the question is in what length. How long or short should your application letter be? Frankly speaking, it should not be more than a page. Please avoid roll over pages. Try as much as possible to be straightforward and concise in your writing. Also, avoid unhealthy repetitions and mannerisms.
  5. Font: Although font to write an application letter with is not fixed but writing with the vintage font is highly recommended. You can use Arial or New Times Roman font with size 12 or so to write an application letter depending on what you find suitable by your discretion and common sense.
  6. Format: Lastly in this part of things to note before writing an application letter is the format of writing. Employ the traditional page layout and margins for standard representation.

When writing an application letter

After you might have take your time to note the above stated guides before writing an application letter, then you proceed to write your application letter.

however, to write a superb application letter you should mind the followings:

  1. Address, contacts, and date: An application letter’s address is two. The address of the addressee and the address of the recipient. So far this is a formal letter, it is paramount that you provide your own address at the top-right with the correct alignment and the address of the receiver subsequently at the left-lower part of the letter before the letter salutation and heading. Note that your application letter should begin with both you and the employer’s contact information (name, address, phone number, email) followed by the date.
  2. Salutation: Why not offer a “warm hello over there” message. Salutation plays a key role in application letter writings. So, inclusion of a polite salutation really matter a lot. For example, Dear Sir, Dear Ma, Dear Mr., Dear Ms. etc are highly recommended as these salutations is polite and widely accepted everywhere.
  3. Heading: Yet again is another pivotal part in application letter writing, the heading. Obviously, without heading you may not have another chance of defining what your motive is as led the letter. The heading generally is the title or topic of a document, article, chapter, or of a section thereof. So also in application letter writing, your heading carries the title or main theme of the letter. Take it serious.
  4. Body:This part is the most crucial part in application letter writing. This is where you account who, where, when, how and what and why you are writing the letter. But this is basically divided into three parts also.
    • First part of the body: This part deals with highlighting of motive of the application letter writing. Here you might introduce yourself briefly, the job and outline what prompt you to write the letter. In other word, where you get to know about the placement, service, course, etc.
    • Second part of the body: In this part lies the presentation of your experience, capability, summary of education and things that made you qualified for the service on course.
    • Third part of the body: Here you conclude and thank. You make closing remark and the Thank you paragraph.
  5. Complimentary close: By now you’re almost done with your application letter writing. Before now now, you’ve adequately expressed yourself for the candidacy, thank the authority or employer. And now, observe a little courtesy with a complimentary close at the bottom-right reading Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, and so on.
  6. Signature: After the above might have been observed rightly, you move on to include your signature. End with your signature, handwritten, followed by your typed name. But if this is an email, simply include your typed name, followed by your contact information.

After writing an application letter

Then after you opined to be done with your application letter writing. Please endeavour to also observe the following:

  • Try as much as possible to proofread the letter over and over again. Check spelling errors, grammar blunders, punctuation, inappropriate names of company or personnel, etc
  • In case you find any error at the point of proofreading, kindly take time to edit the application letter before sending it to the appropriate quarters.
  • And then, dont forget to attach relevant documents, resumés, etc required or necessary depending on the condition or type you are writing for.
  • Kindly Submit or send the application letter to the appropriate quarters.
  • Do follow up for your application letter

Application letter writing, What you might have gained

We hope you find our article useful. And we are glad you now:

  1. Understand what an application letter means
  2. Know what to put in place before writing an application letter
  3. Know what to include when writing an application letter
  4. What to observe after writing an application letter

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