Huitaca Goddess Role In Chibcan Myth

Huitaca , the goddess of extra and drunkenness and of pleasure in life to the Chibcha Indians of Colombia. Huitaca comes down to Earth to train evil to people, to destroy the nice they’ve created, or to present them how to have a “wicked” good time .

An look by Huitaca usually adopted a go to from the supreme god Bochica, who taught people how to reside ethical lives. Huitaca may additionally be the goddess of the Moon, Chia, who was married to Zuhe (presumably a type of Bochica, the Sun).

In some tales, it’s Chia who follows Bochica. She is so offended at him for not telling people how to carry pleasure into their lives that she brings on an awesome flood that drowns many of the people. Bochica throws her into the sky and he or she turns into the Moon.