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Hunab-Ku: Mayan Supreme Being Account

Hunab-Ku is the acclaimed Supreme god of the Maya, equal to Ometeotl, the sooner god of the Nahua people, and both the daddy of or the identical god as Itzámna. Hunab-ku doesn't seem till late in Mayan historical past—simply earlier than the Conquest and into the interval of colonization.

Itzámna makes an look at about the identical time, however he's talked about extra typically and later than Hunab-ku. It isn't identified whether or not these two, as creator and supreme deities, have been truly Mayan or have been Mayan names for the Spanish Christian god. In any case, Hunab-ku was above all else.

The different gods have been facets of him who sorted the on a regular basis affairs of people and their world. He introduced again life to the world 3 times after it was lined with water that spurted from the mouth of the nice sky serpent. Dwarfs lived within the first world, and it was the dwarfs who constructed the Mayan cities.

The Dzolob, a little-known group of people, lived within the second world, and the Maya themselves lived within the third world. In the fourth world—the current world—every kind of people reside. As with the primary three, this world may even finish with a flood.