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Illuyankas: Hittite Dragon Being Mythology

Illuyankas was a harmful Hittite dragon being.
Illuyankas defeated the Hittite storm god, Teshub, in a battle at Kiskilussa, in what's now Turkey. Seeking revenge, Teshub’s daughter, Inaras, invited Illuyankas to a feast. Once he was too gorged to transfer, Illuyankas was killed by the storm god and the opposite gods.

In one other model of the parable, Illuyankas not solely defeated Teshub but in addition stole the storm god’s eyes and coronary heart. Illuyankas’s daughter married Teshub’s son. The son managed to get the stolen eyes and coronary heart again and returned them to his father. Teshub was then in a position to slay Illuyankas. When Teshub’s son sided with the dragon, the storm god killed him as properly.
The ritual of Illuyankas’s defeat was invoked each spring to symbolize Earth’s rebirth.