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Inca Mythology of Inca Empire

The Inca Empire was a extremely developed civilization that dominated a lot of western South America. The empire prolonged from Peru to Chile and dominated from the fifteenth century till the Spanish arrived in 1532.
Major deities and legendary locations and beings are introduced right here with the intention of giving storytellers a beginning place for additional analysis and telling of Incan tales.


Viracocha was the supreme god of the Inca people. He was the creator of the world and of humankind. His spouse, Mama Cocha (Sea Mother), was the goddess of the ocean.

Viracocha’s son was Inti, the Inca solar god and ancestor, who was portrayed as a golden solar disk with a human face. With his consort Mama Quilla, Inti sired the legendary first Inca Manco Capac I. The ruling Inca was thought-about to be the consultant of Inti on Earth. Mama Quills (Mother Moon or Golden Mother) was the moon goddess. She oversaw marriages, the calendar, and feast days.

Pachacamac was a son of Inti. He was a creator deity that predated Inca faith and was worshipped within the metropolis named for him. Pachacamac is claimed to have created the first man and girl, however he forgot to present them with food. When the person died, the girl accused Pachacamac of neglect, whereupon he made her fertile, and he or she bore a son. The god killed the son and lower the corpse in items. From these items grew the assorted vegatables and fruits.

A second son, known as Vichama, escaped Pachacamac, so the god slew the mom. Vichama avenged his mom’s loss of life by driving Pachacamac into the ocean. He took additional revenge by turning the people who had been created by Pachacamac into rocks and islands. Afterward, Vichama hatched three eggs, from which a brand new race of people was born.

Another son of Inti was Kon, the rain god and god of the southern wind. He and his brother battled Pachacamac. Whenever Pachacamac drove Kon again to the north, Kon would take the rains together with him and trigger drought.

Other Incan deities included Cocomama, or Mama Coca, who was the goddess of the fireplace and of pleasure. She was portrayed because the coca plant. Chasca was the goddess of daybreak and twilight, and the protector of virgins and younger ladies. Mama Allpa was the harvest and earth goddess. She was often portrayed with many breasts. Zaramama, or Mamazara, was the goddess of grain, stated to be incarnated in surprisingly formed ears of corn.

Apotequil, or Apocatequil, was the goddess of lightning, whereas Manco Camac was the solar god and god of fire, and brother of Pachacamac. Supay was the god of loss of life and lord of the Incan underworld.

Places and Things

Ono Pacakoti was the good flood of Incan delusion, despatched by Viracocha to destroy the race of giants he had created. He saved solely two to help him in re-creating the world and a brand new race of people.

Hanan Pacha (increased world) was the Inca heaven. Only the souls of the simply might attain it, crossing over a slender bridge woven from hair.Uca Pacha was the decrease world, the underworld on the middle of the earth. A chilly, darkish place, it housed the eternally hungry souls of the damned.