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Inti Raymi Traditional Festival

Inti Raymi, The Sun Festival, celebrated at Cuzco on June 24, the winter solstice. Inti Raymi celebrates the start of the brand new photo voltaic year—a time when the Sun returns to present heat for all life. Traditionally, the Incan kings sacrificed llamas as choices to the Sun through the competition.

Today, Inti Raymi attracts tens of 1000's from all around the world. Among South American celebrations, it's second solely to competition in Rio de Janeiro. One of the highlights is the portrayal of Inca the Aristocracy by 500 actors who're adorned in gold and silver, as befits their rank. The actor portraying the Sapa Inca blesses the day and offers a speech in Quechua (the language of the Inca) that honors the Sun and all that it offers.