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Itzámna Mythology: Maya Lord of Gods

Itzámna (yzAmAnA, zAmAnA, Lizard House)
Yucatán Maya sky god, maybe the most important god—god of heaven and the Sun. Some noticed him as lord of all of the gods. Itzámna was all over the place, and to accommodate his roles, he had many names.

Among them had been Kin-ich-kak-mo (The Eye of the Day, or Lord of the Sun’s Face) when he was thought of the Sun and Kabil (He of the Lucky Hand) when he was prayed to to convey a treatment. He is taken into account the letter god D. The first priest, benevolent Itzámna introduced writing and data to the Maya, and since of his affiliation with the heavens, the opposite gods, and the clergymen, he was thought to have invented the calendar. Itzámna’s sky associations embrace the constellation Pleiades, the Sun, Moon, and wind.

On Earth his associations had been with animals such because the caiman, mussels, and king vulture and crops such because the ceiba tree, cacao, and corn, which he taught the people how to develop. Itzámna was the god that clergymen typically paid particular consideration to in the beginning of the brand new year. The clergymen prayed to him for cover in years throughout which they'd predicted disasters and to forestall drought. Blood sacrifices had been typically made in his honor.

According to completely different interpretations, Itzámna was thought to be the son of the primary god, Hunabku; married to Ix Chel, the Lady Rainbow of many points; and father of the Bacabs. Ah Kin might have been Itzámna’s youthful type. He was portrayed as a toothless, type previous man who had a big nostril (generally resembling a serpent) and hole cheeks.

Although he was very talked-about earlier than the Conquest, worship of Itzámna steadily disappeared afterward. Some imagine he was aggravated by the Spanish and their Christian god and left. More possible his traits had been melded into Christianity.