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IX chel: Goddess Letter I

IX chel (ixchel, ix chebel, yAx, The Lady Rainbow) Mayan goddess of water, drugs, weaving, childbirth, and the Moon; typically referred to as Goddess I.

According to some interpretations, Ix Chel was married to the Sun god, ItzÁmna. As a married couple, the pair illustrated duality: Itzámna was benevolent, whereas Ix Chel was harmful. To be honest, Ix Chel additionally had facet. She protected weavers and ladies in childbirth. The harmful facet was extra pronounced, nonetheless. She was accountable for the floods and heavy rains that knocked out crops and sometimes introduced dying. Ix Chel was stated to “personify” the harmful facet of water and was usually thought-about to be an offended previous girl.

She was often proven as haggard and clawed, with a serpent round her head, crossbones on her skirt, and different symbols of destruction throughout her.

According to fantasy, Ix Chel’s grandfather killed her after discovering that she was residing with the Sun. She sprang again to life after a bunch of dragonflies flew round her grave and sang; then she returned to the Sun. But the Sun turned jealous and despatched her again to Earth when he thought she had develop into the lover of Venus, the morning star.

Later, he begged her to return, however he quickly turned jealous once more. Ix Chel, uninterested in his jealous suits, left for good and to this present day wanders invisibly via the night time, serving to ladies as they offer beginning to kids.