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Iztaccihuatl: Mythology of White Woman

Iztaccihuatl, an Aztec mountain goddess, guardian of animals wanted for food; additionally the identify of a 16,000-foot volcanic moun- tain in Mexico that's thought to appear like a resting lady wrapped in a white cloak.

Iztaccihuatl was the daughter of an Aztec emperor who didn't need her to marry the warrior she liked. When the warrior was despatched off to struggle, her father advised Iztaccihuatl that he had died.

She was so crammed with grief that she wasted away and died. But the warrior was not lifeless. When he returned, he took her physique to the highest of a mountain, the place he lay alongside her and died. The gods pitied them each and lined them with snow. Then they turned the lovers into mountains. She is the Sleeping Woman; he's Popocatépetl, Smoking Mountain, a volcano that also erupts to present his anger and grief.