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Jonah Crab - Facts, Habitat, Fiahery, Diet

The Jonah crab (Cancer borealis ) is a marine brachyuran crab that occupies waters alongside the east shore of North America from Newfoundland to Florida. Jonah crabs have an adjusted, harsh edged carapace with little gentle spots, and vigorous hooks with uninteresting brown-darkish tips. The biggest introduced carapace width for guys is 222 mm, whereas females seldom surpass 150 mm.

Habitat and habits

Jonah crabs have been accounted for at profundities of up to 750 m. Environment inclinations for Cancer borealis go from tough substrate in Rhode Island and the Gulf of Maine to residue and earth substrate on the mainland slant. It is broadly acknowledged that this species strikes seaward within the fall and winter, and females have been archived shifting inshore in late spring and summer time. The Jonah crab is thought to transfer to zones of most popular temperature for behavioral thermoregulation. The most popular temperature of this creature adjustments relying upon the temperature to which it's adjusted. The evaluated regular most popular temperature is 15.four diploma C (59.7 diploma F).


As per abdomen content material examination on people from the Gulf of Maine, the consuming routine of Cancer borealis includes of mussels, arthropods, snails, and a few algal species. Blue mussels ( Mytilus edulis ) remodeled half out of examined abdomen substance.


Jonah crabs have lengthy been caught as bycatch in lobster traps. In the previous twenty years, significantly in New England, landings have elevated due to elevated fishing strain and market demand. Landings of Cancer borealis within the United States rose from 2-three million kilos yearly within the 1990s to greater than 17 million kilos in 2014. In 2014, 70.05% of landings got here from Massachusetts, adopted by Rhode Island with 24.43%. Jonah crabs usually are not managed federally within the United States, however as a substitute are managed by particular person states.