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Kaguyahine The Moon Child!

Kaguyahine (Kaguya-hime) identified in English as The Shining Princess or the “Moon Child,” Kaguyahine is the heroine of a well-known Japanese fable and folktale that has a number of totally different variations.

Kaguyahine lived on the Moon along with her father, the moon god. But she was a willful little one.

Disobedient, Kaguyahine was punished and set down to dwell on earth. There she was cared for by a poor crafts- man, a bamboo cutter. The bamboo cutter handled her as his personal and shortly was rewarded by turning into very wealthy.

Five rich nobles provided to marry Kaguyahine. She gave every a quest to search. None was ready to accomplish the targets she gave them, and she or he remained good and chaste, refusing marriage. Kaguyahine even turned down the emperor’s proposal.

In the tip, she returned to her residence on the Moon. There, she placed on a coat of feathers so she would now not keep in mind the earth and really feel disappointment for leaving.

A model of the story related to Mount Fuji has Kaguyahine marry the emperor however nonetheless return to heaven. According to this model, her husband’s grief lit the volcano contained in the mountain.