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Khnum's wife Sati in Egyptian Myth

Sati (Satet) in Egyptian mythology was certainly one of Khnum's two wives and as such a guardian Goddess of the Cataracts. According to Maspero her title signifies 'She who runs like an arrow.’ She is the Archer who lets fly the river's present with the pressure and rapidity of an arrow. She is represented as a lady carrying the white crown of the South, flanked by two lengthy horns. Like Neith she usually holds arrows and a bow in her arms. She was worshipped in the intense south of Egypt, the place her favorite abode was on the island of Seheil. She gave her title to the primary nome of Upper Egypt which was referred to as Ta Setet, the 'Land of Sati.’ Its capital was Abu, 'City of the Elephant,’ the Elephantine of the Greeks, the place Sati took her place in the temple of Khnum in firm with Anuket.