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KuKulcan: Mayan God and a Culture Hero

KuKulcan (KuKulKAn, cuculcAn, cuculkan, The God of Mighty Speech, A Serpent Adorned with Feathers) The supreme god of the Yucatán Maya, the creator, and the god of resurrection and reincarnation; related to Venus.

In Mayan historical past and mythology, Kukulcan seems as a god and as a tradition hero and historic chief. He could also be multiple particular person. Can was a well-established household title among the many Maya, and Kukul may very well be a first, or private, title.

Some sources title him the chief of a group, maybe the Toltec, who with the Itzá Maya occupied Chichén Itzá by about a.d. 987. They constructed a number of different cities, together with Mayapan, which grew to become the capital of the Mayan empire. Kukulcan dominated for a few years and then left. In the Chilam Balams, he's additionally stated to be a ruler priest in Mayapan within the 14th century.

As a hero-god, Kukulcan introduced peace to Chichén Itzá, created Mayapan, and then went west into the heavens to guard the people and reply their prayers. Other tales have him each originating from and disappearing into the ocean. The Maya confirmed him with the physique of a serpent, feathers of the Quetzal, and the enamel of the jaguar, holding a human head in its jaws. As a part of his creator-god standing, he managed the 4 parts—earth, fireplace, air, and water—which gave him as elements the ear of corn, lizard, vulture, and fish.

Kukulcan is commonly described as comparable to the Quiché Maya Gucumatz, and the Aztec Quetzalcoatl. Kukulcan is much less a god of the Sun and wind than Quetzalcoatl he's extra a god of the sky, for thunder was very a lot a part of his accountability.