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Kwannon Can Take How Many Forms?

In Japanese Buddhist perception, the bosatsu (future Buddha) is taken into account the god or goddess of mercy. Kannon was initially a male god however ultimately got here to be thought of feminine. Myths and legends subsequently typically painting Kannon as male, typically as feminine.

According to fable, Kannon was born when a beam of sunshine flashed from the best aspect of the Buddha Amitabha. She determined to keep on earth as a bodhisattva, or “Buddha-to-be,” and assist humankind.

Kannon can take 33 completely different types. One of these has 11 heads. Another includes a horse’s head. One of the most typical male types of Kannon in Japan is Senju Kannon, or the Kannon of a Thousand Arms. The palm of every hand has an eye fixed, symbolizing his all-seeing compassion. Bato Kannon is taken into account a manifestation of Amida, one of many 5 Buddhas of contemplation. His job is to defend the souls of animals.

There are quite a few legends related with the god/goddess and its completely different variations. Here is one, recorded on a well-known scroll initially painted for a temple or shrine devoted to the thousand-armed Kannon (Senju Kannon) in Wakayama, Japan. The scroll dates from the 13th century.

A wealthy man’s daughter was very sick. As she lay dying, a younger boy visited and cured her by saying a Buddhist prayer over her. Overjoyed and grateful, the woman’s father tried to give him riches, however he refused. Finally the boy accepted a crimson skirt and knife from the woman and left.

A year later, the person and his household went to go to the boy on the faraway mountain the place he had instructed them he lived. They discovered nothing there however a small hut. Unsure whether or not it was his home or not, they opened the door and noticed a thousand-armed Kannon. In one in every of its fingers was the crimson skirt.

Understanding eventually that the bodhisattva Kannon had visited them, the household turned monks and nuns and sought enlightenment.
Kannon is the Japanese model of the Buddhist bodhisattva Avalokiteşvara, recognized in China as Guayin or Kuan Yin. Shrines are devoted to every of Kannon’s types. It is taken into account a fantastic pilgrimage to go to all 33.