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Lake Guatavita: Abode of Serpent God Temple

Lake guatavita is the location of the nice temple of the serpent god of the Chibcha Indians of Colombia. Lake Guatavita may have been the place the legendary king El Dorado washed the gold mud off his physique.

In 1540, after listening to the story of El Dorado, the Spanish made an expedition to the 130-foot deep lake. They took alongside a whole lot of Indian slaves who have been ordered to use gourds to empty the lake.

Three months later, the lake had been lowered 10 toes and just a few small items of gold had been discovered. In 1580, Spanish authorities made one other try to empty the lake by digging a trench. This time, the lake was lowered about 60 toes, and a few emeralds and gold items have been discovered.

In 1912, one other group pumped the water out of the lake, however the muddy lake backside dried rock exhausting earlier than the prospectors discovered a lot gold. Then, in 1965, when one more group wished to attempt, the Colombian authorities refused and declared the lake a historic web site.