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Lemminkainen in Finnish Epic Folklore

In the Finnish epic Kalevala, Lemminkainen is a good-looking and courageous, but flawed younger hero.Lemminkainen set out to woo the maiden Kyllikki, whereas nonetheless flirting with different younger girls. He carried Kyllikki off and married her however shortly grew bored with his younger spouse.

Lemminkainen deserted Kyllikki and pursued the Maiden of Pohjola, the daughter of Louhi. He managed to attraction the residents of Pohjola together with his magical singing, save for one particular person, a cowherd, who didn't fall beneath his spell.When Lemminkainen requested Louhi for her
daughter’s hand, she responded that he should hunt and kill the demon’s elk, the demon’s firebreathing gelding, and finally the swan in the Tuonela River, which was the boundary between this world and the subsequent. Lemminkainen accomplished the first two challenges, however, on the Tuonela River, the cowherd ambushed and killed him.

The cowherd reduce up Lemminkainen’s physique and threw the items into the river. Lemminkainen’s mom, who had been warned of her son’s dying, hunted for him. She raked the items of her son’s physique out of the Tuonela River and put them again collectively, restoring him to life.

Still Lemminkainen had not realized his lesson. The grasp smith, Ilmarinen, had by this time gained the Maiden of Pohjola. Lemminkainen arrived on the wedding ceremony banquet uninvited and began hassle, killing the grasp of Pohjola.

Lemminkainen fled Pohjola and hid for a time on Saari Island, residence of his forgotten spouse, Kyllikki. Upon his return, he discovered his home burned down and his mom in hiding. Lemminkainen knew this tragedy was the work of the people of Pohjola. He set out to search revenge, however Louhi solid a chilly spell that froze the ocean and compelled Lemminkainen to return residence as soon as once more.