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Liderc Devil in Hungarian Folklore

In Hungarian folklore, the Liderc is alleged to be a small however harmful satan. This nasty creature can present a change of tempo for storytellers from the true vampires which are usually featured in conventional horror tales. But beware—some components of this being’s nature are appropriate for grownup audiences solely.

The Liderc is alleged in the folktales to be related in its needs to a vampire, feeding off the dwelling. But the Liderc additionally shares elements with the succubus in that it kills its victims by way of ####ual exhaustion and drinks not blood, as a vampire does, however the life energies of its victims.

It is alleged to hatch from the first egg of a black hen. But the egg have to be incubated underneath a keen human’s armpit. The Liderc can, in accordance to the tales, take totally different types, orat least solid the phantasm of taking totally different types: a person, a lady, an animal, or perhaps a ball of sunshine.

In addition to its vampirelike drives, tales say that the Liderc is greatest identified for eagerly finishing up duties for no matter human is its grasp. This grasp is normally the human that hatched the Liderc, and the Liderc brings its grasp wealth. But there's supposedly a Challenge with conserving a Liderc as a servant. The Liderc is a fast and efficient servant, but it surely at all times have to be saved busy with quite a few duties to occupy it, or it is going to develop into bored and harmful, and even activate its grasp.

The Liderc apparently will be saved at bay for a time by garlic, like a standard vampire, however there isn't a certain approach listed in the folktales to slay it. The solely approach to safely eliminate the Liderc is to give it some inconceivable activity, reminiscent of spinning ropes out of sand, or counting each star, in order that it both has to quit or die of sheer rage. This is a people motif it shares with different devils.