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Long-tailed Pangolin Facts, Diet, Habitat, Behavior


Manis tetradactyla Linnaeus, 1766, West Africa.


Long-tailed pangolins have a head and physique size of 12-16 in (30-40 cm), a tail size of 22-28 in (55-70 cm), and a weight of two.6-5.5 lb (1.2-2.5 kg). They are the smallest of the order Pholidota. The scales are darkish brown in coloration with yellowish edges. Nine to 13 rows of scales include the whole high of the species. Their hair is darkish brown to black. They have a really lengthy, prehensile tail, the longest tail of the entire species and virtually two-thirds of its whole physique size. There is a brief, naked patch on the tip of the tail. This species possess 46-47 caudal vertebrae, the biggest variety of all mammals. They wouldn't have exterior ears, have scales on the tail (however wouldn't have scales beneath the tail), and the rear a part of the breastbone could be very lengthy. The sternum consists of two terribly lengthy cartilaginous rods extending outside the diaphragm, first towards the rear after which arcing towards the top once more. They have brief, thick limbs and digits with lengthy curved claws.


From Senegal to Uganda and Angola.


They want tropical rainforests, and never the perimeters of forests. Their territory is restricted inside the forest cover, however it's unknown in the event that they preserve a house territory.


They are the one species of pangolin that's not nocturnal: they're predominantly diurnal, consuming in the course of the day. They are excellent climbers (arboreal), ready to simply scale vertical tree trunks. Contact with the bottom is uncommon. They climb with the entrance legs gripping the tree concurrently, and with the physique curved. The hind ft are then loosened up and are anchored shut behind the entrance ft. With the hind ft and the tail giving the physique essential help, the entrance ft grip the bark additional up. They are additionally ready to dangle by the tip of their tail. When hanging by its tail and wanting to resume climbing, they are going to typically climb up their tail. They sleep in hole bushes, liana curtains, forks in bushes, or epiphytes (vegetation rising on bushes), typically rolled up within the form of a ball. The animals typically solar themselves whereas stretched out on a tree limb or department.


They eat largely ants, preferring tree ants of the genera Camponotus, Catalacus, and Crematogaster. They will search the mushy, hanging nests of ants and termites, or will assault the ant columns that transfer among the many leaves.


It is believed that they breed all year long. When mating, the female and male will intertwine tails and face one another ventrally. The gestation interval is unknown. Females give start to one younger at a time. Birth weight is 3.6-5.four oz (100-150 g). The younger will experience on the mom for up to three months. Weaning and life span are usually unknown, and ####ual maturity is believed to be round two years.


Not threatened.


They are hunted for meat.