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Lovely Andes and The Andeans: What More Can I Say?

Andes is theongest mountain vary on the planet, operating some 4,500 miles down the size of South America, with peaks which can be exceeded in top solely by the best peaks of the Himalayas. At their widest, the Andes are 400 miles broad. This mountain vary is dwelling to quite a few indigenous people, many dwelling in virtually the identical manner their ancestors did a whole bunch of years in the past.

Many Andean people nonetheless put on the colourful clothes of their ancestors, made in the identical time-honored manner of weaving hand-spun alpaca wool into intricately patterned fabric. Many proceed to herd llamas and goats and reside in mountaintop villages. Andean craftsman nonetheless produce the normal hand-carved devices that give their music its distinctive sound, particularly the massive panpipes or reed flutes, a few of that are taller than a person.

However, the Andean people haven't been in a position to protect their particular person tribal languages, which they had been compelled to abandon when the Incas conquered the area on the finish of the 15th century. At that point, the Incan conquerors enforced the official Incan language known as Quechua, which is right now probably the most extensively spoken South American language.

As a results of shedding their very own languages, lots of the pre-Incan myths had been misplaced as effectively. Just a few frequent ones that had been preserved embrace the story of Coniraya, Pariacaca, and the Parrot Brides. The identify Andes comes from anti, the Quechua phrase for “copper.” The Andes has one of many largest deposits of copper on the planet.