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Lovely Good Night Sms - Good Night Wishes

Lovely Good Night Sms - Good Night Wishes - Wishes SMS, Quotes, Cares, Motivational Quotes, Well wishes text messages, etc.

Night has love full time in it and makes all thing romantic, so wish all them about this romantic sceans and spread all over the world.

Lovely Good Night Sms Wishes

Lovely Good Night Sms Wishes Fro Friends, Family & Loved Ones

  • Star has brightness on sky
    And moon gave them light
    So you also go to sleep
    Good night
  • Night is a precious gift
    Which give us by god
    Pay thanks to him
    And wish for good
  • Sun say good bye
    Moon say hi
    Its means its night
    For sleep tight
    With beloveds
    After wishing all
  • One day we will together
    And say world good night
    And sleep in our room-
    With beauty of nature
    Moons light on you
  • May god bless you
    With a full sleep
    On rest ful night
    And peace in world
  • It was a long day
    Hectic one
    I got tires
    Want a sleep
    Just on my bed
    Had sweet dreams
  • Night is here for us
    And say all thing in positive ways
    Say good night to day hectic one
    And send some quotations to friends
    To say them Good night
  • If in night you see shadows
    Don’t be fear
    Something is there
    Which exist
    But light can’t cross it
    Due to tangibility
  • In late night
    Off tube ligts
    We will see each other
    In morning once again
  • I feel my self beautiful
    When I do some good thing in day
    And I think about after laying
    On my pillow at night