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Maíra God: Father of Hero Twins

Maíra was one of the hero gods of the tribes of the Amazon rain forest in Eastern Brazil. Maíra is the daddy of Hero Twins and has a father identified solely as Grandfather. In these tales, there are gods, people, and jaguar people, in addition to speaking animals and birds.

Before the twins are born, Maíra goes off and leaves his pregnant spouse alone. After setting out to discover him, she is eaten by a ravenous jaguar-man, who additionally tries to eat the Hero Twins. They are saved by a jaguar-woman, however the twins find yourself killing the jaguar-people once they find out how their mom died. They finally discover Maíra, who takes the twins to reside with him within the village of the gods.

In one other fable, an indignant Maíra creates wild pigs or peccaries (though some variations say Grandfather was accountable). In the Shipaya tribe’s model, some people had offended Maíra. He punished them by huffing and puffing and blowing on their thatched home. His breath turned the home to stone. The people squealed in terror, and Maíra blew on them, too, turning them into pigs and locking them in the home.

Maíra and the opposite hero gods have been delighted, for every time they needed recent meat, they might conveniently open the door to the stone home and catch a pig or two as they ran out. One day opossum (or one other of the various legendary tricksters in these tales) left the door to the stone home vast open.

The pigs fortunately escaped into the woods. Maíra and the Hero Twins tried to spherical them up, nevertheless it was impos- sible. The pigs grew to become wild and have been scattered by means of the forest ever since.