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Makonaima God: One Who Works in the Night

Makonaima (Makanaima, makuna-ima) is a creator god and Great Spirit of a number of teams in Guyana, together with the Acawoios and the Arawak. Makonaima works solely in the darkness of night time. In one story of the Acawoios, all animals as soon as lived in peace and will converse to each other. Makonaima created an enormous tree that bore many sorts of fruits. When his son chopped down the tree, an important rush of water poured out of the stump, bringing with it colleges and colleges of fish.

Quickly Makonaima put a big basket over the stump to cease the water from pouring out. But a mischievous monkey yanked the basket off the stump and an important flood adopted, taking the basket with it. Makonaima gathered up as lots of the animals as he may, placing some in caves and a few excessive in timber. When the flood had stopped and the land dried up, the current world had been created—with some animals on land, some below the floor, and a few in the timber.

In different variations of the story, Makonaima is one among 5 brothers who lower down the tree, and it's Makonaima who causes the flood by eradicating the basket that his brother had put over the stump.

As the Great Spirit, Makonaima was considered as a savior in time of want, and sacrifices have been made when asking for his assist. Once, when the peaceable people of the Patamona tribe have been being harassed by the warlike Carib, the Patamona chief sacrificed himself. He canoed over a excessive waterfall in hopes that Makonaima would shield his tribe. The waterfall, the highest one-drop waterfall in the world (742 ft), is now known as Kaieteur Falls after Chief Kai.