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Mama Quilla Goddess: Mother Moon Mythology

Mama Quilla (mama Kilya) - the Incan Moon goddess and protector of married ladies. Mama Quilla was thought of each the spouse and sister of Inti. She was answerable for the passage of time and the seasons and was due to this fact additionally the patron of calendars and feasts.

The Peruvians noticed the Moon as a fantastic silver disk; the markings on the Moon had been the options of Mama Quilla’s face. At the Sun Temple (Coricancha) at Cuzco, mummies of previous Incan queens stand alongside the picture of Mama Quilla. This shrine, essentially the most well-known to her, was lined in silver to symbolize the Moon within the night time sky.

The Inca believed lunar eclipses occurred when a serpent or mountain lion tried to eat Mama Quilla, so throughout an eclipse, they made a fantastic racket to scare the animal away.