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Mertseger Mythology: Silence Loving Deity

Mertseger (Merseger), whose title signifies 'the Friend of Silence' or 'the Beloved of Him who makes Silence' (i.e. Osiris), was the . title of a snake-Goddess of the Theban necropolis. More precisely she pertained to one a part of the funerary mountain at Thebes -the peak, formed like a pyearamid, which dominated the mountain chain and earned Mertseger the epithet Ta-dehnet, 'the height.’ She is represented as a human-headed snake and even as a snake ' with three heads: specifically, a human head surmounted by a disk flanked by two feathers between two others: a snake's head equally embellished and a vulture's head. Although Mertseger was beneovent she might additionally punish. We have the confession of Neferabu, a modest worker on the necropolis, who admitted having sinned and been justly stricken with sickness. Afterwards he proclaims that he has been cured by 'the Peak of the West,’ having first repented and ardently besought her forgiveness.