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Meskhenet - Facts and Information about Egyptian Goddess

Meskhenet is an Egyptian goddess of childbirth and of destiny. She is the personification of the stool or bricks on which Egyptian girls squatted throughout labor. Newborns additionally had been placed on this stool when the umbilical twine was lower.

Meskhenet seems in sure texts because the mom of the king. She additionally accompanied Isis, Nephthys, Heket, and Khnum to attend the beginning of three infants who would develop up to be kings of Egypt. Meskhenet’s position within the supply shouldn't be specified, however afterward she pronounced the future of every of the boys. Meskhenet is alleged to have carried out this responsibility elsewhere. For instance, she was current on the beginning of Pharaoh Hatshepsut.

Artists depicted Meskhenet as a brick with the top of a lady, or as a goddess with a selected hieroglyphic signal on her head. This signal has been identified because the uterus and uterine horns of a cow.
Recently, it has been advised that it's the truth is the particular knife, the pesesh-kef, used within the Opening of the Mouth ceremony, wherein a mummy was given the facility to obtain choices of food. It is believed {that a} pesesh-kef additionally was used to lower the umbilical twine.