Mexican Axolotl Facts


German: Axolotl; Spanish: Ajolote.


Gyearinus mexicanus Shaw, 1789, Mexico. Ambystoma mexicanum is a member of the tiger salamander advanced. It was identified for a few years as Siredon mexicanum.


This is a big paedomorphic species that often metamorphoses in captivity however apparently is an obligate paedomorph within the wild. Adults are darkish brown, usually with faint black reticulations. Captive strains can be found in a wide range of colours, together with white, gold, black, and albino.


This species is understood solely from Lake Xochimilco (the “Floating Gardens”) and related canals and is derived instantly southeast of Mexico City, Mexico. This space has been extremely modified by human actions for hundreds of years, however the salamanders stay in average numbers.


Because it’s an obligate paedomorph, this species happens solely in everlasting aquatic habitats. In the neighborhood of Lake Xochimilco, it’s discovered ceaselessly close to vegetation.


This species has not been effectively studied within the wild. These sala- manders apparently feed and develop all year long and are ready to coexist with launched carp and different fish.


Like many different members of the tiger salamander advanced in Mexico, the axolotl was in all probability the highest aquatic predator in its habitat earlier than fish have been launched. They feed on bugs, snails, worms, tadpoles, and small fish.


In the wild, most Mexican members of the tiger salamander advanced, together with the Mexican axolotl, breed between November and February. In captivity they breed throughout most months of the year, besides June, July, and August.


Listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN, the axolotl is protected beneath CITES from worldwide commerce and is protected in Mexico. This species is the best-studied species of salamander on the earth and has been a “model system” in developmental biology for effectively over 100 years. Although it’s endangered within the wild, the axolotl is often reared in captivity for the scientific and pet trades. Salamanders with albino, gold, and wild-type shade patterns are ceaselessly bought within the pet commerce.


The axolotl was an essential species to the Aztec cultures that have been centered within the valley of Mexico. All of the paedomorphic Mexican species of ambystomatids proceed to be exploited regionally for food and medication in central Mexico, and the axolotl is a crucial examine system for developmental biology all through the world.