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Min – Facts And Information Of Egyptian God

Egyptian Min whom the Greeks recognized with Pan, was a really historic God whose totem, a thunderbolt apparently, appeared on the high of outdated prehistoric requirements. Wearing a crown surmounted by two tall straight plumes which appear to have been borrowed from Arnon, Min is all the time represented standing with a flail raised in his proper hand behind his head and all the time with phallus erect.

This latter trait appears to point out that Min was initially thought of by his clergymen to be the creator of the world. He is commonly recognized with Horus; and we might surprise if his identify was not in earlier days merely a particular identify for the solar God.

Be this as it might, Min was within the classical epoch mainly worshipped as God of the roads and protector of travellers within the desert. The principal centre of his cult was Coptos, ‘the city of caravancers,’ a degree of departure for business expeditions. Their leaders, earlier than risking themselves within the deserts, by no means failed to invoke the nice native God Min, God of the Eastern desert and ‘Lord of Foreign Lands.’

He was worshipped additionally as a God of fertility and vegetation and protector of crops. On temple partitions we see scenes from the ceremonies which have been celebrated in his honour as harvest- God through the king’s enthronement. We see the Pharaoh providing him the primary sheaf which he has simply eut and we see the homage which is rendered to the white bull, sacred to Min.

As properly as in Coptos he was worshipped in Akhmin, the previous Chemmis, generally known as Panopolis to the Greeks, who recognized Min with Pan. There in his honour gymnastic video games have been celebrated, and it’s maybe for that reason that the Greek historian Herodotus praised the inhabitants of Panopolis for being the one Egyptians who appreciated Greek customs.