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Nahual Spirit Mythology

Nahual (Nagual) was a private spirit of the Nahua, together with the Aztec, that protects, guards, and conjures up people. Gods might need a nahual as nicely. The feathered serpent, for instance, was the nahual of the hero-god Quetzalcoatl; the hummingbird was the nahual of Huitzilopochtli.

Nahuals have been normally birds or animals however is also pure phenomena, comparable to lightning or meteors. Sometimes a baby was given a nahual at beginning; it could be linked to the beginning date of the kid. The baby’s identify could be linked to the nahual as nicely, however typically youngsters weren't instructed what their nahual was till they have been sufficiently old to know the way to use the knowledge.

Other occasions, an individual would discover his or her personal nahual by going off alone into the forest. The nahual would seem to her or him in a dream or could be current when the particular person awakened from a sleep. Today a nahual could be the primary animal that comes close to a child after it's born. To ensure of what it's, some mother and father sprinkle ashes or powder round the home to report an animal’s footprints.

Nahuals are highly effective. They will journey whereas an individual sleeps to collect data and report again in a dream. They will be despatched off to perform troublesome duties, comparable to confronting somebody or serving to somebody who doesn't need to be helped.

According to custom, some people can rework themselves into their nahual, as one lady did in El Salvador. Her nahual was a pig, and she or he may change right into a pig by standing on a specific rock and turning round two occasions. She did this frequently to steal from people as they got here from the market. One evening a person watched as the girl reworked herself into the pig. When she left, he moved the rock. Try as she may, the girl couldn't rework herself again with out the rock, and she or he stayed a pig.