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Ninigi Mythology: Ancestor of Japanese Emperor

Ninigi-no-mikoto (Ninigi, Ninikine) was the grandson of the solar goddess Amaterasu and the creator god Takami-Musubi, Ninigi-no-Mikoto is the ancestor of the Japanese emperor, in accordance to custom. He is named the god of a lot and Prince-Ear-of-Rice, and is known as the August Grandchild, the Great Land Divider, and the Great Land Master.

According to the Shinto creation myths, Ninigi was despatched to rule the earth by his grandmother. Amaterasu gave Ninigi a mirror, a strand of jewels often called the magatama, and a sword known as Ama-no- Murakumo-no-Tsurugi. All had particular powers and mythic significance: The mirror is claimed to be Yata no Kagami, the mirror that enticed Amaterasu to come out of her cave. The sword was probably the most highly effective the world had ever seen. And gods had been born from different jewels on the strand.

Amaterasu then despatched Ninigi and Uzume, the goddess of the daybreak, to earth. They had been stopped at Ama-no-Uki-Hashi, the Floating Bridge, the place Sarutahiko Ohkami (“the bridge guardian” or “the god of paths”) blocked their means. Ninigi was scared, however Uzume was not. Uzume not solely satisfied him to allow them to move, however the god fell in love together with her and married her.

The myths say that Ninigi received many battles, conquering southern Japan and establishing his rule of order. Finally, on the Yamato plain, he established the imperial dynasty, together with his spouse Konohanasakuya.

Ninigi was the daddy of Hikohohodemi and Honosuseri. His descendants grew to become the emperors of Japan. The mirror, jewels, and sword given by Amaterasu to Ninigi-no-Mikoto stay the imperial symbols in Japan.