Student Portal, Login Procedures student portal and login procedures. Noun Online Login to students dashboard, registrations, payment and admission applications for new students.

The National Open University of Nigeria is a Federal Open and Distance Learning institution, the first of its kind in the West African sub-region. 

National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria is an ODownload institution renowned for providing functional, flexible, accessible, cost-effective education adequate for flourishing in the 21st century and beyond.

As an ODownload institution, National Open University of Nigeria possesses an equal opportunity university determined to meet the sacrosanct objectives that necessitated the establishment of open and distance education in Nigeria.

Hot now!  Honey Badgers Facts, Habitat, Diet and Information Student Portal Login Procedure Student login is the entry gateway to gain access to the NOUN Student Portal Page dashboard which without this route you won’t take activities at the NOUN EDU Portal student information base.

To login to your NOUN Online portal:

  • Kindly open your browser and connect, visit
  • Next, after successful webpage is loaded. Click on Student Login
  • On the Noun Student Login Portal, input your NOU Student Matric Number,
  • Noun Portal Login Password in the text area provided and
  • Click Submit
  • If successful connection is reached, congrats. By now, you might have land yourself at the student profile page >

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    However, it has come to our notice that students are heading to instead of

    Rebuff any suggestion leading you to as it is invalid. The link is and not the the other. Useful Links

    Here are useful URLs to your advantage. Apply for National Open University of Nigeria Admission, check full list of NOUN programmes, list of NOUN study centres, how to apply for an Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme, Check unique ID and much more.

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