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Nun Egyptian Mythology

The identify of the Egyptian divinity Nun means “weary,” or “inert.” He was not really a god, however fairly the personification of the unique chaotic state of the universe on the time of creation.

The solar god, Re, and the primordial mound of the creator god, Atum, arose from the watery state of Nun. This earned Nun the title “father of the gods.” Nun had a feminine counterpart, Naunet. Essentially formless, Nun was typically proven as a person sporting a false beard, elevating a photo voltaic image over his head that represented twenty-four hours.

Even after the universe was settled, Nun, a state of nonbeing, persevered on the edges of existence. He was the water above the sky and at its edges, from which the Sun emerged every daybreak and thru which the useless had been reborn. People who had been asleep had been mentioned to be “in Nun.”

The Egyptians believed that on the finish oftime the universe would as soon as once more revert to Nun.