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Nut Goddess of the Sky (Egyptian Mythology)

Nut was the Egyptian sky goddess. She was represented as a lady or cow whose nude physique arched over that of her husband, the earth god, Geb, whereas her father, Shu, god of air, held her aloft.

It was believed that every night Nut swallowed the Sun, which traveled by means of her physique till it was reborn the subsequent morning. She was, due to this fact, related not solely with the sky but additionally with the netherworld.

Like her partner, Geb, Nut acquired the deceased who ascended to heaven. Coffins and sarcophagi typically have the goddess painted on their inside. One of the main mom goddesses, Nut was thought of the deliverer and protector of the lifeless.

In addition to delivering the Sun in its every day programs, Nut gave delivery to Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. In her facet as the sky, whose inhabitants (the stars and Sun) disappeared and reappeared, Nut was additionally typically imagined as a sow that ate its personal piglets.
In Greek mythology, Nut was the Titan mom of the gods, known as Rhea.